Rachel’s Story

An insight….

As a 12-year-old, Rachel Heard participated in a child slavery simulation and was shown how millions of Indian children are treated, working as slave labour in order to pay their parents’ debts. Many young children have been rendered deformed from being hunched over, creating luxury items for the fortunate to use at leisure.

Rachel’s Vision….

Rachel was so profoundly impacted and discomfited by the experience, she went home and set out plans to establish a Foundation which would raise funds to address the problem and provide a better life for these children.

CARASA stands for Care for All, Reach All, Serve All.  It is our aim, working initially in India, to not only to free children from slavery but to provide shelter and hospital care to those in need of it, and education and other support to provide an economic future – a fair and just economic future – for them. It is our aim to raise awareness of the issue of child slavery and slave labour.

An Outcome….

The CARASA Foundation is presently working with and providing funding to Freeset in Kolkata, India for an enterprise project for young women coming out of the slave trade. Our work is also supporting the work of Freeset in Murshidabad to establish businesses which provide a living income and educational support which aims to reduce the forces which drive many into the slave trade.

Over 15 years, Freeset (www.freesetglobal.com) has built a number of sustainable fair trade businesses producing quality jute bags and t-shirts and other products for export, thereby providing women trapped in prostitution the opportunity to leave a trade they never chose in the first place.