The CARASA Foundation exists to free children from slavery, and to HELP provide medication, hospital care and education to ensure that the DEMAND for slavery is reduced. Our first projects are based in India in conjunction with Freeset (

There is a unique two-fold benefit to purchasing any of our Freeset merchandise. Freeset makes an initial profit from CARASA by manufacturing our beautiful products. Then when you buy any of our merchandise, we send 100% of the money straight back to them – a cycle that puts the workers first.

If you would like to support us and the work we do, please consider purchasing some CARASA merchandise. You can do this by contacting the CARASA team through our Facebook page here, or via email

Jute Bags

Our beautiful jute bags are made from organic and biodegradable material, making them more environmentally sustainable than all plastic bags offered by supermarkets and department stores. Perfect for carrying groceries, clothes, beach towels, books, gifts – the possibilities are endless! Only $15 AUD each or 3 for $40

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CARASA Foundation t-shirts. Limited edition and limited stock. Only $34 AUD.

Pencil Cases

CARASA Foundation pencil cases. $5


Our stickers are available at all functions for a coin donation.

If you own, or know of an organisation that would be happy to host one of our collection boxes, please don’t hesitate to contact us!