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The CARASA Foundation exists to free children and women from slavery, and to provide them medication, hospital care and education.

Currently we are working closely with Freeset, an on the ground organisation in India who assists girls and women trapped in the sex trade by providing safer and more prosperous jobs. Hundreds of women have found dignity, financial stability, and, most importantly, a future shaped by their own hands, in working with Freeset.

With your generous donations we will continue assisting women as they make their journey to freedom. In doing so, we aim to end the vicious cycle of slavery, which traps adults and children into labour which damages both physical and mental health. This includes brick making, clothing/textile factories, cleaning, and prostitution. It is illegal all over the world yet in many countries laws against it are inadequately enforced. Children may be born, kidnapped, or tricked into slavery, or sold by family members to repay debt or earn money. Non-Government Organisations work to identify and prevent the root causes of child slavery, while at the same time working hard to free children caught up in this insidious trade.

It is estimated that children are sold into slavery for as little as $20… a debt which can take generations to repay, leaving families trapped in the cycle of slavery.

Here at CARASA, we believe in the power of the culmination of small things, which is why our motto is “Small ¢hange –> Big Change$”.

The price to free a child can be as little as the cost of three cups of coffee, or two hamburgers. A small change in your habits can make huge changes in a child’s life – that is all it costs to give back somebody’s childhood.

How much is it worth to you?



If you would like to donate, our details are as follows:

BSB: 033-132
Account No: 245748

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